A Nice House in a Great School District

My wife and I are the parents of three small children. Even though none of them are in school yet, we are thinking ahead because we want to give them the best possible start in their lives. That meant making sure that we are living in the best school district in the area. We were not happy with the schools where we had been living, so we decided to start looking at luxury real estate in Denver CO. We had looked at the schools in Denver, and we were both impressed with what we saw there.

We also knew that we were ready to finally be homeowners rather than just renters, which is what we had been doing since we were first married. Continue reading “A Nice House in a Great School District”

How Many Jobs Are There for Engineers?

I have been really focusing on what I want to do when I get to college. Obviously that is something that you really need to know in advance, because you shall be wasting time and money if you do not understand what the best fit for me. Today I have been looking at various engineering specialties, wondering if the difficulty is not so great as to make it unreasonable. In fact anything worth doing is going to be hard, but this is doubly so at the least. At any rate I was looking at SAP2000 tutorials today, which is a program that engineers use to do structural analysis. In essence you design something in the abstract and then you use this sort of software to figure out how it is going to act in real world situations. Continue reading “How Many Jobs Are There for Engineers?”

Our Thoughts on Geothermal Energy for Home Use

We looked into all the ways possible to heat our new home that we were building in a rural area. We found that one way could actually provide cooling too. If you dig down far enough and pump water through pipes buried deep in a hole, you can extract heat or cold depending on the season. A simple drilled hole in the ground gets you down into the earth where it is a constant temperature. It gives you heat in the cold, and cool when it is hot outside. Drill farther and the advantages and disadvantages of geothermal energy come into play.

You can drill a hole deep enough that you can get to areas of the earth that are closer to the core and therefore hotter. There are geothermal plants that make use of this. Continue reading “Our Thoughts on Geothermal Energy for Home Use”

A New Marketing Strategy Helped Our Bottom Line

My father is extremely traditional and conservative. Those two traits are one of the reasons why he was able to build such a successful company. Those two traits are also the reason why it was not growing at an even quicker pace though. He liked to do things the old fashioned way, which was doing business face to face with people. As for me, I knew that we were missing a large segment in the virtual world. When I took over, I immediately started looking for a lead generation company in Brisbane to help me take the company in a new direction.

My father was still on board, and I assured him that I was not going to disregard any of our existing customers. However, I knew that we could increase our bottom line just by changing our marketing tactics. It is important to stay current in today’s world because the online market has made it so no one is truly safe from being edged out. For every existing company, there are dozens waiting for that lucky break to take over. I wanted to protect our company by making sure that did not happen. Continue reading “A New Marketing Strategy Helped Our Bottom Line”

Flowers for My Wife and Daughter

My wife and I had been preparing for the birth of our daughter for nearly the entire pregnancy. It was our first time to go through this, and we wanted to do everything right. I was planning on stopping my business travels when she was two weeks away from her due date, and I had even already located a florist in Melbourne to be on standby for the big day, because I planned on ordering the most brilliant bouquet of flowers for my wife on that very special day. When you plan things out though, more often than not, it doesn’t go quite as planned.

I was on my final business trip, and we both felt confident that all was fine. Continue reading “Flowers for My Wife and Daughter”

Nice Uses for the Locate My Android Feature

You have probably seen TV shows where some law enforcement agency is tracking someone’s phone. If you own the phone, you can do that easily. I set it up so that I could locate my Android phone from my web browser on my computer. It is pretty accurate too. I checked when I set it up, and it not only showed that the phone was in my house, it showed where in the house it was at. My desk was at a far corner of the house, and the green dot on the map showed my phone right where it was sitting in the house.

This is a great feature to have active if you misplace your phone a lot. I do not misplace mine, but I wanted the security of it. I have access to all of the phones on our plan to know where they are at any given time. My wife and I use it as a security measure for us and the kids. You can elaborate on that using software, or apps as they are called now. Everyone calls software “apps,” which is short for “applications” now. Anyway, there are apps to use that take info from the GPS chip in your phone that is scary accurate. Continue reading “Nice Uses for the Locate My Android Feature”

I Just Started My School Project

I have a good idea and I am thinking about how best to make it look really sharp when I present it. So I have started to work on seeing if the equipment that I have is going to be adequate for the task. Right now I am trying to figure out if the scanner is not good enough or if I am going to be able to update the scanner software and get a good result. It is a really simple idea, based on the fact that the school library has a copy of the enormous work of Alan Nevin, the Ordeal of the Union. Continue reading “I Just Started My School Project”