Eyes Are the Keys to Your Heart

I knew that it was really important for us to take good care of our teeth because if you don’t you can literally die from a heart infection. Your gums are directly connected to your heart via the circulatory system and since it’s close, if you get an infection in your gums it could spread to your heart. My friend’s dad died when we were ten because he had an abscess in his gum and he did not get it taken care of. I was hoping Careprost and other types of eye drops were going to help my eye health after I heard that your eyes could also be affected by your heart. I wanted to know more about this because I knew that there was a connection between your heart and your gums so it was very well possible that there could be a reasonable expectation for a connection between your heart and your eyes. I just could not reason how the eyes and the heart would be connected by any way. I am pretty well versed in the way that I understand basic human anatomy but I still could not figure out the solution.

I went to the eye doctor and he told me that you can tell certain things about the arteries of the heart by looking into your eyes. I believed this and was amazed as the doctor told me in certain words exactly how it all works. Then he told me as he looked into my eyes what he was looking for and what he was seeing. I wanted to know what may not look right and asked him to tell me how he was doing this by telling me about certain markers or characteristics. Telling me made me feel better and I knew what he was thinking which calmed me down.