From Nothing to Viable Contender

I started a website that would be used as a video website. I knew that I couldn’t overthrow the giant websites, but I wanted to carve a niche. My website was getting next to no visitors, and I had to act fast to keep it from going under. The best thing I could do for my slowly dying website was to get a company that could do some great SEO marketing to drive people to it. This was pretty much my last chance and I was placing all of the money I had left into getting the marketing done.

The company was glad to help me out and put their team members to work on getting people to the website. The site had an average of about three video uploads a day before the help of the company, and after I hired them, that number went up to 40. Continue reading “From Nothing to Viable Contender”

SEO is Important for Online Businesses

I paid a company a very handsome price to create a website for myself. It had all the bells and whistles that I thought a great website needed. Well, I was wrong. While it looked great, it did not get me the customer base I was expecting. I had no idea what was wrong, so I had a couple of friends who are tech savvy look at it. They all told me the same thing, that I needed to find a company that does SEO services in Toronto because there was very little search engine optimization on my site.

I had no idea what that even meant, so one of my friends explained that when he did a quick search with different keywords that should have lead him right to my site, it didn’t. He had to look on the fifth page of search engine results to even find my page. He asked me when the last time I had looked so deep on a search engine results page, and I honestly don’t think I ever have. Continue reading “SEO is Important for Online Businesses”