This is My Dream Condo

I did an online search for condos for downtown Toronto because that is the only place I wanted to consider. I had recently come into money because of the sale of a book I had written, and I was excited about moving to Toronto. I grew up there when I was a child, and I never stopped missing it even though I have lived in some pretty fabulous cities since. There is just no where on earth that can begin to compare, which is why I wanted to buy a condo there.

I was already commissioned to write two more books, and my editor told me that the publisher was hoping to have many more from me down the road. I knew that I needed to get settled in quickly so I could get started, so I went online to find my dream condo. I looked at several, but I always managed to find something wrong with them, even though all of them were actually quite nice. I wanted fabulous though, and I was not going to settle for something that was less than that. I finally contacted the realtor on the site to tell her what I was looking for, and she showed me three places that same week.

The first two were better, but still not what I wanted. When she showed me the third place, I knew that I was home. Walking in the front door, the living room is sunken. To the right is a spiral staircase leading up to a loft office. To the left is a sun room with an amazing view. The kitchen is completely updated but it has an older look to it, which is perfect for me. The two bedrooms are spacious, and mine has a huge master bath. Finally, there is a large den, which I knew would become my library. This place really is the bomb, and it is all mine!