The Reason I Switched Insurance Companies

I was not happy with the company that was providing me with the different types of insurance that I have. I have multiple policies because insurance is just needed. I was using one company for my homeowners policy, my car insurance as well as my life insurance. I was given a good rate, so that was not why I was not happy. The customer service was just not good at all. I had to call back several times to get answers, and I finally decided that I was going to look into other Somerville insurance companies.

If I am going to give an insurance company my money to help me should something happen and I need to file a claim, then I want one that is going to be proactive in making sure I am a satisfied customer. The only thing I was getting from this company was that I am not a valued customer worthy of quick replies. That is why I moved my business to another company that is known for their good customer service. I was able to get a quote online at their website, and I was impressed because their prices were just a bit lower.

I was actually not expecting that because I was getting a really good rate prior to my switch. Knowing that I am able to save a bit more on the three insurance policies that I have through them is just a nice bonus. Before signing up, I did contact them with some questions. I genuinely wanted answers, but I also knew that it was a test of sorts, which they passed brilliantly. I now have my policies through this new insurance company, and they have been super in every area. I get quick call backs, and my premiums are lower for the same policies.