Question We Should Ask Our Insurance Agent

When most people think of insurance, they think about health insurance and car insurance. We should all take a closer look at our insurance needs and protect ourselves as much as possible by asking questions about insurance. One thing we all probably overlook is what kind of coverage do we need for our children that are going off to college for the first time this fall.

When they are preparing and packing to go to college they are taking many items that are worth a lot of money such as computers, printers, cell phones and tvs. What happens if these items are stolen or damaged? I don’t know the answer to that either. What about health insurance? Are they still covered by their parents’ current plan? Another one I don’t know the answer to. And if they have a car, will their auto insurance coverage need to be changed? Yet another answer I do not know. These are all important questions that need to be asked. I plan to call my insurance agent tomorrow morning to get some answers. I don’t want to get caught with inadequate coverage.

Even though I’m going to call my local insurance agent tomorrow, I thought it would be a good idea to do a little bit of research on this subject. I was extremely surprised to find out the many different types of insurance out there. Did you know that you can purchase wedding and ring insurance? I didn’t know that. This can be tailored to provide coverage for almost any aspect of your wedding including the wedding dress, the wedding parties dresses and tuxedoes, non-refundable deposits and even the wedding rings in case they are lost or stolen. It can cover just about anything except for getting cold feet and calling it off.

This is My Dream Condo

I did an online search for condos for downtown Toronto because that is the only place I wanted to consider. I had recently come into money because of the sale of a book I had written, and I was excited about moving to Toronto. I grew up there when I was a child, and I never stopped missing it even though I have lived in some pretty fabulous cities since. There is just no where on earth that can begin to compare, which is why I wanted to buy a condo there.

I was already commissioned to write two more books, and my editor told me that the publisher was hoping to have many more from me down the road. Continue reading “This is My Dream Condo”

The Reason I Switched Insurance Companies

I was not happy with the company that was providing me with the different types of insurance that I have. I have multiple policies because insurance is just needed. I was using one company for my homeowners policy, my car insurance as well as my life insurance. I was given a good rate, so that was not why I was not happy. The customer service was just not good at all. I had to call back several times to get answers, and I finally decided that I was going to look into other Somerville insurance companies. Continue reading “The Reason I Switched Insurance Companies”

Highly Accurate Equipment That Works Great for Us

I’m happy to announce that we’re looking at automatic liquid filling machines due to the fact that our paint business has really taken off. I can remember just starting out and we’d sit around hand filling buckets with paint and then we would load up the car and take them to the speciality paint store in town. We’d sell a few here and there and considered that a success. It’s actually not hard to make paint, and I’m pretty good at it, and we make the best enamel paint you’ve ever seen. It makes rooms glow it’s so good.

Then one of those house shows on television happened to showcase our product. Continue reading “Highly Accurate Equipment That Works Great for Us”

We Both Order Our Walnut Snacks Online Now

I am the type of person to buy as many things as I can online. I don’t like going into brick and mortar stores if I don’t have to. I realize it is a necessity for some things, like milk and eggs, but other things, it is not. I can get great deals online, and often it is cheaper for me because the online market place is just a lot more competitive. That is why I went online to look for a company that sells walnut snacks. I had never had walnuts as a regular snack before, but that was before my friend started bringing some of her nutty snacks into work.

They all tasted good, but the walnut ones were my favorite. They say your taste buds change every seven years or so, and I am thinking that must be true because I had never craved a walnut snack like I was these ones. Continue reading “We Both Order Our Walnut Snacks Online Now”