Just Getting a New Shower Wand Helped Ease My Aches and Pains

I like a nice soothing shower. I like those waterfall shower heads, but I also like to be able to switch over to a shower wand. I especially like ones that have high pressure and different wand settings to give an aqua massage to my shoulders that bother me quite a bit. The warm water feels great anytime of year, but it is even better when it is cold outside. It is like rinsing the pain and stiffness down the shower drain. I feel very relaxed after a shower that has massage settings for the water output.

The waterfall shower head gives a high volume of water that feels great overall. The shower wand concentrates pulsing blasts of water right onto the sore and fatigued muscles of my shoulders and back. I think that the warm water and the massage effect increase circulation and carry away toxins and relax those trigger points. I am ready for bed after a long shower under warm water. I sleep so much better after one. Since the water feels so good, I have been thinking about getting a jetted tub for the bathroom or a spa tub for the enclosed porch. I am not a senior citizen yet, but I like the idea of those walk-in tubs too. The ones with the water jets look very comfortable, and you can soak in water almost up to your armpits with some models.

Major sports players use hydrotherapy to stay in the game. If it works for them, then I am for it working for me and my fatigued muscles from climbing and lifting all day. I am not getting any younger, and I need to invest more in protecting this body that is the machine that helps me earn a living to support my family.