I Now Have Longer and Thicker Lashes

I follow several people on a social media platform simply because they are beautiful. I know that probably sounds awful, but it is no different than following your favorite singer, your favorite football player, or even a favorite politician. For me, I love everything about beauty, and I know that I can get the best tips from these women since they obviously know a lot more about beauty than the rest of us. When one of them told a group of us that she used a Careprost eyelash serum to create her long and thick lashes, I actually felt some hope for myself.

I have, or rather had, the thinnest eyelashes ever. I had tried different mascaras but none of them really helped with giving me the appearance of fuller lashes. I thought that I was just doomed to have non-existent lashes, but that was only until I found out that she had super thin lashes as well. I didn’t even know what Careprost was at that time, but I am an expert on exactly what it is and what it can do now. I went to the website she had told us about and was able to find the exact same product she had used to get her own thicker lashes.

I really liked that it came complete with everything that I needed, especially the brush to apply it. I followed the directions faithfully, and I knew that the biggest thing was to be patient while it worked its magic. After several months, I took another picture of my eyelashes to compare it to what they looked like before I started using Careprost, and the difference is out of this world. This does not just give me the appearance of thicker and longer lashes, because they actually are thicker and longer now!