Great on the Go Vape for Wax

After moving to Colorado, it didn’t take long for me to pick up a b-buzzn for my on the go vaping. It’s a legal state, after all, and that really was one of the reasons I decided to move out here. I run my own internet based company, so I don’t have to worry about a list of rules from an employer concerning what I can do or not do in my personal life. I moved out here because frankly trying to keep up the habit in a state where it’s illegal is getting more dangerous by the day.

I had some paraphernalia I can use at home, but I didn’t have anything that would easily fit in a pocket. Imagine trying to lug around some huge bong when you’re going out for a walk or to the local park! It just doesn’t work. I also don’t like using papers or pipes because I don’t like breathing in the harmful elements. That meant finding a rather discrete vaping tool that I could charge easily and then carry with me throughout the day. I also needed one that would hold a charge for a good long time.

The b-buzzn is probably the best vaporizer I’ve found at the lower end of the price scale. Most of these devices are junk and they break or stop working within weeks of purchase. I’ve had this one for months now and it still fires right up. It’s also a breeze to charge it up, and it stays charged. I’ve actually been surprised at how long the charge lasts. I’ve also left it sitting around for days and didn’t need to plug it in again. It’s discrete too which means I can put in my pocket and not worry about it. I’m thinking about buying another one as a back up because I like it so much.