We Are Working to Get a Big Contract

When you are starting out there are only big contracts, because they all count for you when you have nothing on your slate. That was how it used to be for me and then I got to be the top salesman here. This is really different and the boss is talking about hiring a presentation design service to help out with the powerpoint presentation that we are going to use on this one. It is a really big deal, since the parts we are selling would be for the Ford Motor Company and it would be a really massive amount of work. In truth we would have to build an entire production facility which would not do anything else, although there is a lot of time for that stuff. The parts will not be shipped for a year and a half. We would have plenty of time to build the structure and then purchase the machinery. In fact that would not really be so big of a deal to be honest. It is as simple as can be really, but it is part of the process and has to be in on the quote.

We are going to be very happy if it comes through, especially me. For me it would mean that I would get a big commission and probably a promotion. For the other people involved it would mean a great deal of work for them. The engineers are not nearly so excited, although some of them really want to do big things just like a lot of other people do. The ambition is to start from there and go on to bigger and better things. The boss is very excited and every time I see him he wants me to rehearse the presentation. Of course he wants to do it himself, but it requires nerve.