We Are Still Looking for a New House

I started out pretty optimistic that we would find something within our budget, but the truth is that we probably need a bigger budget or to lower our expectations. We found a place that we really loved in a neighborhood called Toronto Junction, but it is not really possible under the current circumstances. We just do not have the money for such a place, although it really does not seem as though they should cost as much as they do. At any rate the area is really about as good as it could be for the two of us. Since we work in widely separated parts of the metropolitan area it is necessary for us to find a central location where neither of us has to commute across the entire width of the area. This is pretty much perfect for the two of us in that respect, or at least it is as close to perfect as we are likely to find. It is a bit better for me as I could get to my office in less than fifteen minutes.

At any rate the thing we are doing right now is trying to figure out all of the stuff that we need to learn. It is obvious that we need to find more money for the down payment, but at the same time there is a lot of technical stuff that you need to know about when you deal with the banks. Hiring a realtor would solve some of that obviously, because they understand the process and can guide you through it without as much difficulty as you would have alone. Of course they want to be paid for their trouble and so that would be more money that we would have to come up with, money that we do not have.