Our New Puppy is Really Awesome

We have gotten the most adorable little puppy that you have ever seen and the first thing that we had to was to learn the answer to a food safety question. So we went to the internet to learn can dogs eat blueberries safely. Of course Mickey is always in the fridge and he loves all sorts of fruits. So we found him and the puppy in the kitchen floor, both of them eating out of the same container on the kitchen floor. We took pictures, but then we got to wondering if that was bad. In fact when you look on the web they saw that berries are a great treat for a dog. They recommend that you give them frozen berries as dog treats. That was great to know, since there are all sorts of things that people can eat and which a dog should not ever eat. It is easy to let a dog get hold of things that they could be seriously injured, although most things are just going to be really bad for the rugs in your house.

So far the dog does not have a name, but we are thinking of calling him Topper. That is because he has this adorable habit of chasing his tail until he gets dizzy. He literally spins around and around in this tight circle, but then he eventually slows down and starts to spin out of control in wider circles. The plan is to start to working on a fence on the back yard. It is going to be an easy thing to talk about, but it is a very expensive thing to do. It is going to cost about two thousand dollars to get someone else to do it if you pay a contractor to put a fence up.