How Many Jobs Are There for Engineers?

I have been really focusing on what I want to do when I get to college. Obviously that is something that you really need to know in advance, because you shall be wasting time and money if you do not understand what the best fit for me. Today I have been looking at various engineering specialties, wondering if the difficulty is not so great as to make it unreasonable. In fact anything worth doing is going to be hard, but this is doubly so at the least. At any rate I was looking at SAP2000 tutorials today, which is a program that engineers use to do structural analysis. In essence you design something in the abstract and then you use this sort of software to figure out how it is going to act in real world situations. For instance a building is going to be out in the wind, there shall be hurricanes for example. If you design a bridge then you have to think about how much weight it is going to be able to handle.

At any rate I am really quite sure that none of that is going to be easy, and more to the point I am not really sure that I could enjoy it. I was looking at the job market for these professions and thinking about how hard that is going to be. Obviously a lot of the work is going to be in highway jobs, building roads and bridges. Then you have stuff like water systems and sewer systems. Every town and city in the country is going to need those two things and they have to keep them maintained. So there are going to be jobs. However I am not so sure that it is really going to be worth such a difficult journey.