We Are Working to Get a Big Contract

When you are starting out there are only big contracts, because they all count for you when you have nothing on your slate. That was how it used to be for me and then I got to be the top salesman here. This is really different and the boss is talking about hiring a presentation design service to help out with the powerpoint presentation that we are going to use on this one. It is a really big deal, since the parts we are selling would be for the Ford Motor Company and it would be a really massive amount of work. In truth we would have to build an entire production facility which would not do anything else, although there is a lot of time for that stuff. The parts will not be shipped for a year and a half. We would have plenty of time to build the structure and then purchase the machinery. Continue reading “We Are Working to Get a Big Contract”

Our New Puppy is Really Awesome

We have gotten the most adorable little puppy that you have ever seen and the first thing that we had to was to learn the answer to a food safety question. So we went to the internet to learn can dogs eat blueberries safely. Of course Mickey is always in the fridge and he loves all sorts of fruits. So we found him and the puppy in the kitchen floor, both of them eating out of the same container on the kitchen floor. We took pictures, but then we got to wondering if that was bad. In fact when you look on the web they saw that berries are a great treat for a dog. They recommend that you give them frozen berries as dog treats. Continue reading “Our New Puppy is Really Awesome”

We Are Still Looking for a New House

I started out pretty optimistic that we would find something within our budget, but the truth is that we probably need a bigger budget or to lower our expectations. We found a place that we really loved in a neighborhood called Toronto Junction, but it is not really possible under the current circumstances. We just do not have the money for such a place, although it really does not seem as though they should cost as much as they do. At any rate the area is really about as good as it could be for the two of us. Since we work in widely separated parts of the metropolitan area it is necessary for us to find a central location where neither of us has to commute across the entire width of the area. This is pretty much perfect for the two of us in that respect, or at least it is as close to perfect as we are likely to find. Continue reading “We Are Still Looking for a New House”

I Buy All My Clubbing Clothes from Them

I like shopping at clubwear boutiques, but there are none that are local to me. Every time I travel to my friend’s house, we always go shopping, but I only make it there a couple times a year since she lives about 400 miles away. Rather than just shop for my favorite things to wear to clubs when I go to her house, I decided to look online and find some great clubbing gear. That is how I found D’London Style, which is now my favorite place to shop, even over the shops out by my friend’s house.

They have all kinds of clothes there, from bikinis and beach coverups to formal wear for a really special night out. Continue reading “I Buy All My Clubbing Clothes from Them”

A Nice House in a Great School District

My wife and I are the parents of three small children. Even though none of them are in school yet, we are thinking ahead because we want to give them the best possible start in their lives. That meant making sure that we are living in the best school district in the area. We were not happy with the schools where we had been living, so we decided to start looking at luxury real estate in Denver CO. We had looked at the schools in Denver, and we were both impressed with what we saw there.

We also knew that we were ready to finally be homeowners rather than just renters, which is what we had been doing since we were first married. Continue reading “A Nice House in a Great School District”

How Many Jobs Are There for Engineers?

I have been really focusing on what I want to do when I get to college. Obviously that is something that you really need to know in advance, because you shall be wasting time and money if you do not understand what the best fit for me. Today I have been looking at various engineering specialties, wondering if the difficulty is not so great as to make it unreasonable. In fact anything worth doing is going to be hard, but this is doubly so at the least. At any rate I was looking at SAP2000 tutorials today, which is a program that engineers use to do structural analysis. In essence you design something in the abstract and then you use this sort of software to figure out how it is going to act in real world situations. Continue reading “How Many Jobs Are There for Engineers?”

Our Thoughts on Geothermal Energy for Home Use

We looked into all the ways possible to heat our new home that we were building in a rural area. We found that one way could actually provide cooling too. If you dig down far enough and pump water through pipes buried deep in a hole, you can extract heat or cold depending on the season. A simple drilled hole in the ground gets you down into the earth where it is a constant temperature. It gives you heat in the cold, and cool when it is hot outside. Drill farther and the advantages and disadvantages of geothermal energy come into play.

You can drill a hole deep enough that you can get to areas of the earth that are closer to the core and therefore hotter. There are geothermal plants that make use of this. Continue reading “Our Thoughts on Geothermal Energy for Home Use”