Nice Uses for the Locate My Android Feature

You have probably seen TV shows where some law enforcement agency is tracking someone’s phone. If you own the phone, you can do that easily. I set it up so that I could locate my Android phone from my web browser on my computer. It is pretty accurate too. I checked when I set it up, and it not only showed that the phone was in my house, it showed where in the house it was at. My desk was at a far corner of the house, and the green dot on the map showed my phone right where it was sitting in the house.

This is a great feature to have active if you misplace your phone a lot. I do not misplace mine, but I wanted the security of it. I have access to all of the phones on our plan to know where they are at any given time. My wife and I use it as a security measure for us and the kids. You can elaborate on that using software, or apps as they are called now. Everyone calls software “apps,” which is short for “applications” now. Anyway, there are apps to use that take info from the GPS chip in your phone that is scary accurate. You can even set up a geofence. That is an electronic location based fence that sends out a text, email or both when a boundary has been crossed by the phone. It can even detect excessive speed. You can know if your kid is going somewhere not allowed, and you can tell if the friend driving them there is speeding.

Can this stuff be disabled at the phone? Yes, it can. However, for kids, phone privileges are controlled by the parents. You just advise that if the phone is shut off, put in airplane mode, or if the GPS location services are shut off that phone privileges will be suspended immediately and indefinitely.