I Just Started My School Project

I have a good idea and I am thinking about how best to make it look really sharp when I present it. So I have started to work on seeing if the equipment that I have is going to be adequate for the task. Right now I am trying to figure out if the scanner is not good enough or if I am going to be able to update the scanner software and get a good result. It is a really simple idea, based on the fact that the school library has a copy of the enormous work of Alan Nevin, the Ordeal of the Union. Of course it contains vast numbers of words about every little detail of the American Civil War and I am interested in the economic aspects of the affair, obviously the fact is that the Civil War was one of the first wars in which the concept of Total War was employed. and one where the industrial revolution was key to the ultimate outcome.

Of course I need to have all sorts of graphics and maps and other illustrations, the idea being that you want to be able to convey your ideas visually in the best form. So I want to have a really slick presentation, because obviously it can not hurt. The key thing is going to be having a great paper that is well researched and well written, but you can not hurt yourself by making it look as good as possible. Of course the pictures are going to show the innovations which made the war far more deadly that previous ones. In fact the war was won mostly by the fact that the North had superior resources and superior technology. That is something which is easier to illustrate if you have the best scanner available.