Flowers for My Wife and Daughter

My wife and I had been preparing for the birth of our daughter for nearly the entire pregnancy. It was our first time to go through this, and we wanted to do everything right. I was planning on stopping my business travels when she was two weeks away from her due date, and I had even already located a florist in Melbourne to be on standby for the big day, because I planned on ordering the most brilliant bouquet of flowers for my wife on that very special day. When you plan things out though, more often than not, it doesn’t go quite as planned.

I was on my final business trip, and we both felt confident that all was fine. She had nearly two and a half weeks before she was due, so I was in a full blown panic when my mom called me and told me that my wife’s water had broke. I was nearly 800 miles from home, and I was not able to be there for the earlier than expected birth of our daughter. While I was on the plane, I did make arrangements to have a dozen red roses and a smaller wild flower arrangement delivered to her room.

I wanted her to wake up and at least see that I was there in thought if not in person. I made it to the hospital when my daughter was just barely hours old, and that is a day I will never forget. Though early, she was perfectly healthy. I ended up calling the florist and ordering another arrangement of flowers for our beautiful baby girl, because I knew from that day on she was going to be spoiled rotten. I am still so thankful everything worked out fine. I am going to order her more flowers today, because I still can’t get over the wonder of our lives now.