A New Marketing Strategy Helped Our Bottom Line

My father is extremely traditional and conservative. Those two traits are one of the reasons why he was able to build such a successful company. Those two traits are also the reason why it was not growing at an even quicker pace though. He liked to do things the old fashioned way, which was doing business face to face with people. As for me, I knew that we were missing a large segment in the virtual world. When I took over, I immediately started looking for a lead generation company in Brisbane to help me take the company in a new direction.

My father was still on board, and I assured him that I was not going to disregard any of our existing customers. However, I knew that we could increase our bottom line just by changing our marketing tactics. It is important to stay current in today’s world because the online market has made it so no one is truly safe from being edged out. For every existing company, there are dozens waiting for that lucky break to take over. I wanted to protect our company by making sure that did not happen.

Hiring MCM Digital is the smartest thing I have done to date. They helped revamp our marketing department so we were focusing more on the potential online customers rather than the local saturated market. Their approach was obviously the right one, because we were able to see immediate results within weeks. We signed on more new clients in the first three months of our new marketing campaign than we did all of last year combined. Numbers don’t lie, and my father was even convinced that this was the right way to go after seeing how much business we were bringing in because of our new online marketing strategy.